MagicBus Daytrip

Daytrip Trip Packages

You need a day away to enjoy the slopes of Marmot Basin or Lake Louise? But… you don’t feel like driving… now what?

The answer is simple: Ride the MagicBus!

Your trip begins early – we load at 5:00am and depart at 5:30am sharp. You’re traveling on a 2014 luxury Motorcoach – it’s quiet, comfy, rides well, and even has a bathroom. Soon, the next thing you know you’re snoozing. By 9:45am you arrive at the ski hill right next to the chalet, no hike across the parking lots for you! You already have your lift ticket in hand and your day begins as soon as you’re off the bus.

Ski ALL day, I mean ALL day since you’re not driving home why not ski ALL day? Then at 4:00pm start boarding the bus for the ride home, we depart at 4:30pm sharp. Settle into your seat, sit back and enjoy the movie on the way home or clock a few more zzzz’s. See the full itinerary for Marmot and Lake Louise listed here.

Itinerary for Marmot Basin & Lake Louise

from $149/person/adult

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MagicBus Daytrip

Overnight Trip Packages

You’ve just seen the day unfold on the daybus, now imagine since you got up super early, why not stay the night? You’re already here right? You’ll notice the additional cost to stay is very affordable.

Let’s have a look at how these packages work; it will start the same as above, at the end of the day though, the MagicBus will drop you off at the hotel you chose in your package. You will take your gear and your extra lift tickets for your stay and head inside to check in.

The evening may consist of some Hot Tub relaxing, a great meal, maybe some other social activities… The next morning, if you’re checking out today, bring your gear and hop on the shuttle from town to the ski area. Stow your luggage in the lockers and head out using your extra lift tickets provided to you.

At the end of the day meet your MagicBus and head home enjoying the comfort of having someone else do the driving for you.

Itinerary for Marmot Basin & Lake Louise

from $249/person

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MagicBus Daytrip

Weekender Trip Packages

We only do a few of these per year!

The weekenders are made for those that want to get away MagicBus style but don’t want to get up at “oh my” in the morning.

These tours leave Friday afternoon and come home Sunday evening, offer two full days of skiing/snowboarding, two night’s accommodation, and all fees and taxes.

You will also be shuttled to and from the mountain each day, guides will be with you to ensure your whole vacation is super smooth and enjoyable.

Best of all, Dads; this is for you, NO driving! Sit back, relax with the kids and watch the movie. This one you get to relax too!


from $299/person

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All packages include the bus ride there and back, full day lift ticket, park admission, bottle of water at the end of the day and all fees and taxes.

All of the MagicBus tours are non-smoking, non-drinking to ensure you and your family enjoy comfortable surroundings.