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When most people think of skiing in the winter, they default to the typical mountains of their area. For us here in Edmonton, those are most often Marmot Basin, Sunshine Village, or any of the resorts on the British Columbia side of our dreamy Canadian Rockies. Something most of us living locally in the Edmonton area have partially forgotten about is our several local Ski Hills. Such as Edmonton Si Club, Rabbit Hill, Snow Valley, and Sunridge. While they may not compare to the adventures of skiing the mountains, they do shine in their convenience, and minimal time commitment. Unlike their larger mountain brethren our local hills can easily be hit after work, or just for a couple hours on a Weekend. Personally I even forgot these hills existed, once I had reached the skill level to be able to tackle the mountains, I never really looked back. For good reason in a sense, the mountains are stunning and beautiful and house so many more trails than our local hills could ever achieve, but I’d argue there’s a beauty in what they can provide in that they are convenient and a good way to keep practice in because most of us do not have enough time to hit the mountains every weekend. 

     Beyond our local hills, we also have a truly amazing selection of local businesses providing us with a vast selection of ski and snowboard gear, and tune-ups. Magicbus has partnered with several of them to help promote a local community. After all, we all provide products and business in skiing and snowboarding, why not do it together. Coming onto the ski scene recently again after an extensive hiatus, it is nice to see these shops are still around, especially after the last couple years being extremely hard on most local businesses. But this is the first season since the world shut down we have no restrictions again, and I sure intend to take advantage of it in any way possible, whether that be skiing the mountains, or our local hills. With plans to ride several of the Magicbus weekenders this year, (especially looking forward to Jasper In January) I want to take every chance I can to get out, even if its not skiing every day of the trip. I, like many others, can’t pass up an opportunity to see the mountains again. 

     If you would like to see any of our trips available, whether that be weekenders or daytrips, (Who knows, I may be on them with you) they are all linked below, the second link is to our list of partners that we work closely with to achieve what we do:

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