Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you go?

MagicBus Tours provides a service to Marmot Basin and Lake Louise throughout the season. If you wish to ski elsewhere we can produce a group tour for you to fit your needs for 40 or more people.

When is the latest I can book my trip?

MagicBus advises that all patrons book as soon as possible as we do sell out our buses. If you book your overnight trip the day prior to departure or during holiday season please note that this does not guarantee hotel availability. You must receive a confirmation e-mail from us to verify that your trip is official. Otherwise for day trips, if there is availability you can book late the night before.

If I want to book a trip with MagicBus Tours where do I pick up everything?

Actually you don’t have to pick up anything. When you make your booking with us, we send you a confirmation e-mail as well as an itinerary of your trip specifying everything you need to know.

How do I qualify for a student rate?

Students are between the ages of 18-25 and currently in post secondary with a valid student ID. Please have it with you, you will be asked.

Can I get two day lift tickets and no accommodations?

No, due to our agreements with our partners we cannot offer additional tickets outside the packages.

Can our group book a hotel room and everyone pay separately?

Yes but in person only. When booking online you can only process one credit card per transaction.

I’m looking to catch the MagicBus one-way to/from the ski hill, is that possible?

Yes, below your personal booking information in the online form please change your pickup/drop-off location category. This will inform our guides on where we can expect to meet you. There are no discounts for one way transportation only, as we cannot sell your seat the opposing way. Round trip transportation only rate applies.

I have my own lift ticket and want to use your transportation, can I do that?

Yes, to find the rate, go to our BOOK NOW page and when stating the number of people, please remove the appropriate lift tickets from the booking.

I have a boarding pass from LAST season, is it still valid?

Yes, punch in the ID# on the pass into the online booking form in the PROMO CODE area to redeem it.

Can I use multiple boarding passes to book my trip?

That’s a tricky question, but yes. You can enter a maximum of ONE boarding pass code per person on the online booking form but if you wish to redeem more towards an overnight, you must call into the office to make this transaction.

What do I do if I want to book my trip and don’t have a credit card?

You can come into our office during our regular scheduled hours and can pay with cash or debit.

I have a credit, how can I redeem it?

All credits will be valid for the current ski season and can be redeemed over the phone anytime during regular scheduled office hours.

Can you tell me specific rates?

Sure! Go to MagicBus Rates for all the seasons rates. Prices are per person and in Canadian funds.
Youth / Junior / Child overnight rates are only valid with a purchased Adult trip.

When I book an overnight is the transportation the next morning included?

No, you must arrange it with the hotel front desk. For times please check out: Marmot Basin or Lake Louise.

Are there any other pick up/drop off locations outside of Edmonton?

Yes, we can pick you up in Edson if you are going to Marmot Basin or in Red Deer if you are going to Lake Louise. Please change your pickup/drop-off location category in the online booking form.

What are the rates for a group?

Group rates are based on 40 people and can be more or less depending on your needs. It also depends on the time of the season, how many days, which day of the week, where you want to go and so on. If you require a rate, please contact us with all the details of your request.

Can someone under the age of 18 years old book an overnight stay?

No, by law anyone booking an overnight must be of the legal age limit.

I’m stuck on Processing Screening now what?

Your internet connection has timed out and most likely the trip was not processed. Please call the office during regular scheduled hours to double check otherwise if you’re strapped for time, please book again and notify us of the problem so we can ensure you are not charged twice.

I haven’t received confirmation for my trip yet, why?

There could be a chance that there was an error with inputting your e-mail address or if you have booked a hotel then they have probably yet to confirm the availability. Contact us at the office if you’re getting close to your departure day and we’ll figure it out.

What is your cancellation policy?

Refunds are available for all day trips with notice 48 hours before departure and overnights require 7 days before departure. Refunds will not be available to those who miss the bus. Click here for further Terms and Conditions for The MagicBus

Do you ever cancel a tour?

Yes, MagicBus requires about 20 people booked on our motor coach to launch a trip. Any less than that is not economically feasible and environmentally responsible.

Where is the best place to rent my gear?

Rentals can be done on mountain or in Edmonton at local ship shops such as PaceSetters (10054 167 Street) and Sundance Ski & Snowboard shop (10423 79 Avenue).

Can I bring food and beverages on the bus?

Yes you may bring your personal food and non-alcoholic beverages on board but please keep the bus free of litter. Our tours are family friendly and do not allow alcoholic beverages onboard so we encourage that you leave those at home.

Where do I park when I meet the bus in the morning?

MagicBus to Marmot Basin departs from the convention entrance (back Door) of the Edmonton Inn Ramada at 11834 – Kingsway ave. The MagicBus to Lake Louise departs from the Sawridge Inn Edmonton South at 4235 Gateway Blvd North. Parking is free but take the necessary precautions to keep your vehicle safe. We can also provide you with a great deal at these properties if you wish to stay a night or two. (MagicBus Tours is not responsible for lost or stolen items)

Do I have to sign in with anyone before my trip?

Yes, please check in with the tour guides prior to jumping on the bus. They will be in the vicinity of the motor coach and the building doors.

Do we need to have the supplied waiver completed before boarding the bus?

For those under the age of 18 that will be riding without their parents, they will need to either have a waiver form filled out prior or have their parents sign the morning of. All those patrons over the age of 18 can fill out the waiver form the morning of.

Can we leave items on the bus during the day at the hill?

Yes, you can leave anything on the bus at your own risk but will not have access to it during the day. The bus will be departing the hill after dropping everyone off and returning for pick up.

Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes, they are called Boarding Passes and can be purchased online or in person at out office Suite 902, 11834 Kingsway Ave 9th Floor, East Tower, Edmonton. Boarding pass details

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