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12 Pack Boarding Passes 2023-24



The MagicBus 12 Pack is HERE!

Save up to $360 on your trips this season! The best deal all season long!

• Use these passes on any trip throughout the season, including overnight stays!
• We can even combine full passes towards your overnight stay, just give us a call.
• Share them with family or friends.
• Codes do not expire, if you don’t use them this season you can carry them over to next season.

Upon purchase, we’ll send you an email containing your codes. To redeem, simply paste a code when prompted at the end of your booking and you’re all set!


See our boarding pass/PromoCode page for even more details!

Don’t need 12 passes? Check out the 6 Packs!

*Pre-season Sale only. Limited quantity available.
**Full terms and conditions of PromoCodes/Boarding Passes can be found here.