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Really? you got enough?

The last weekend is upon us, May 2- 3, will be the closing weekend

It's a long way to November, you know you're gonna have night sweats in July dreaming about making some turns!

Call your friends, Let's DO this! One more weekend of AWESOME snow, and we can toast the year.


One more WEEKEND!!

We feel ya! why not make the last one a weekend?

May 2 -3 book your overnighter at Mountain Park Lodges

Grab your boards and buddies, and head out to Marmot Basin.

This is the time of year that makes the rest of the year so worthwhile. You're riding your very best, the conditions are fantanstic, let's go!


Just be There!

Besides all the other great reasons to ride the last weekend, you know it's in your blood....

You can ride your bike and golf all summer when the ski areas are closed, don't regret missing the last weekend.

Come ride with the MagicBus crew, your favourite guides will be on the Sunday bus. Join US!

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