MagicBus PromoCodes/ Boarding Passes

What are PromoCodes/Boarding Passes?

PromoCodes/Boarding Passes simply act as a credit towards the MagicBus service for their stated value. We generally set the rate to cover the cost of the MagicBus day trip to Marmot, but we can issue them at any value.

MagicBus PromoCodes make great gifts for family and friends since they generally cover the cost of the entire day service which includes transportation, lift ticket, park fees (if applicable) and taxes.

As promotions, we bundle PromoCodes together and discount them in the MagicBus shop. This way you are saving on multiple uses of the MagicBus service while only entering your card information once! Or buy them for your group so you can all share the savings!

How to use MagicBus PromoCodes/Boarding Passes:

Upon purchase, you will receive a 16 digit alpha-numeric PromoCode with its value stated beside it. This PromoCode is what you enter during the Review & Checkout stage of your booking. Once applied, the total cost of your trip will decrease by the value of the code.

If a PromoCode is highlighted in red after the apply button is clicked, double check that it is entered correctly. Also check if there are any spaces before or after the code and remove them. If it is entered correctly and still shows up red, the code has been identified as invalid or our system no longer accepts this code. Contact the MagicBus office if you have any concerns at 780-478-0429.

Please note: PromoCodes will not be accepted at the bus the morning of the tour. You must pre-book online, by phone, or in office, then bring the booking confirmation you receive via email once your booking has been completed.

Complete Flexibility

Use on ANY bus trip: Since they work like a credit, MagicBus PromoCodes can be used towards the cost of overnight stays as well, for their face value.

Combine: Our booking system allows only one PromoCode to be applied per person. If you have more than one, please contact the office and we will happily combine them for you.

Share: The codes are completely transferable and can be shared with family or friends. PromoCodes of a lower value than the cost of the passenger using it CAN be applied, and the difference will be charged. For example: An Adult wishing to book the day trip to Marmot may use a Student PromoCode and the rate difference would need to be paid by credit, debit or cash. The same goes for changes in the rate of the service. If the rate of the MagicBus service increases by $10, you may still use any PromoCodes you have and just pay the difference. You can even call ahead of time and upgrade all codes to the current rate at one time.

Still Have Questions?

You can find the full terms & conditions of PromoCode/Boarding Pass use here. You can see what PromoCodes/Boarding passes are currently for sale in the MagicBus shop.

You can always contact the office if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for!