Group Ski Packages

School Ski Trips

Field trips have a wide and lasting educational value to students. Your school ski trip will be designed to accommodate school board and parental considerations for safety, security and privacy. 

Your students will enjoy a tremendous opportunity to learn some of Canada’s greatest winter sports at the Countries’ finest resorts. You will return with a bus full of tired, happy, kids filled with laughter and lengthy stories!

Corporate Ski Trips

MagicBus is a leader in corporate tours. We work with you to achieve your goals, increase engagement and strengthen the company culture. 

MagicBus will take you through all the details of successful tour planning. You’ll be given exclusive resources and served a selection of tour packages to make your job easier. All aspects of your trip to the mountains can be custom tailored, thus ensuring the very best appeal to your group.

Clubs and Leagues

Enhance your community league or club membership! Craft your custom experiences that foster connections, inspire engagement, and offer valuable networking opportunities. Our inclusive approach ensures memorable and enriching events, transporting your membership to the Rockies for lasting memories and lifelong value.

Smaller group? No problem! We can place you on our regular day bus service.