7 Tips to a Successful Day on the MagicBus

1) Show Up Early!

The closer you show up to 5:00am the better the chance you get seats together! Every couple rows the seats are equipped with outlets for device charging. If this is something you’d like, make sure you’re early.

2) Have Your Bags & Gear Marked

When it comes to ski, boot & board bags, everyone’s favourite colour is black… And in the dark it will all look black anyways. That being said, do something to make your gear stand out so there’s no questions as to which gear is yours. This way no one will take your stuff home accidentally and it will speed up the collection process immensely. MagicBus does provide luggage tags at check-in that you are welcome to use.

3) Bring a Small Pillow

Although the bus is comfy, a neck pillow or another form of small cushiony headrest will make a big difference. A neck pillow will make non-window seats more appealing and may save your head from rolling onto a strangers shoulder. Please just keep it small. You are welcome to leave it on the bus for the days as well (bus will be locked but leave it at your own risk).

4) Utilize Your Guide

Our guides are long-time skiers and usually know the mountains quite well. They are super friendly human beings that are willing to help you out in any way they can. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions!

5) Utilize Mountain Tours/Ski Friends

Many ski areas have a free volunteer run mountain tour that occurs a couple times each day. Seek this out if you are new to the mountain and it may surprise you what you can learn. Hey, there’s the first thing you can ask your guide about!

6) Stay Hydrated

With all the fun you’re having, you may need to remind yourself throughout the day to drink more fluids. Water is the best and drinks with electrolytes are also good. Remember at higher elevation it is easier to become dehydrated. Dehydration leads to a lower focus and lower focus leads to greater risk of injury. Do yourself a favor and drink lots.

7) Give yourself Lots of Time at the End of the Day

MagicBus daytrips depart at 4:30pm SHARP. We are not the US Navy, we will leave you behind. With that in mind, there’s lots to do and pack up after a fun day skiing so give yourself plenty of time so you’re not rushing. People tend to forget things when they are rushing…

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