The Small Business Incentive Program

In the dynamic realm of business, recognizing and rewarding exceptional performance is key to fostering a motivated and engaged team. MagicBus Tours proudly introduces its latest initiative designed to elevate your company’s incentive game – the all-new Small Business Incentive Products.

Tailored Rewards for Exceptional Achievements

Developed through years of honing expertise in tourism product development, our incentive program provides companies with affordable and effective means to inspire and reward staff, customers, and executives alike. Imagine offering your team, clients, or executives captivating mini-getaways to renowned destinations such as Jasper, Lake Louise, Revelstoke, Fernie, Kicking Horse, and other Western Canadian resorts.

Seamless Getaways, Maximum Impact

Our thoughtfully crafted packages include exclusive boarding pass promo codes, easily shareable and redeemable for a variety of experiences. Whether it’s a day trip to Jasper with transportation, activities like skiing or the Maligne Canyon Icewalk, and all-inclusive taxes and fees, or an overnight escape for executive planning sessions—MagicBus Tours has your company covered.

Motivation Redefined: Benefits of the Program

The perks of this program extend beyond the picturesque landscapes it unlocks. Administering the program is a breeze, and with codes that never expire, the value is retained for as long as needed. The flexibility of easily transferable and user-friendly promo codes adds an extra layer of convenience. In a world where genuine appreciation can be scarce, this program positions your company as a standout appreciator, fostering a culture of acknowledgment.

A Unique Approach to Recognition

Imagine the impact of granting your stellar staff a well-deserved “day away” as a tangible acknowledgment of their outstanding performance. Picture your valued customers enjoying a tranquil experience with your company during a shared day trip. Furthermore, empower your executive team by utilizing promo codes for overnight stays—creating an environment free of distractions for strategic planning sessions.

Connect with Us

Ready to take your company’s appreciation game to the next level? Contact us directly at 780-478-0429 or Let MagicBus Tours be your partner in unlocking excellence, one memorable getaway at a time.

Elevate your incentives; elevate your team. MagicBus Tours—where exceptional performance meets extraordinary rewards.

Photo credit: Travel Alberta / John Price

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