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Payment Plan – 12 Pack Boarding Passes 2024



We’re thrilled to be able to offer a 4 instalment payment plan for 12 Packs this season! Great savings, spread out!

• Use these passes on any trip throughout the season, including overnight stays!
• We can even combine full passes towards your overnight stay, just give us a call.
• Share them with family or friends.
• Codes never expire.

To celebrate our 30th anniversary, we want to give you a thank you gift! Buy a 12 pack and a FREE $100 additional Code to use however you choose! Offer valid until December 15, 2023. Conditions apply.

How it works:

Select the correct category that you’re interested in buying (adult, student, etc.). Add this to your cart and checkout. Yay – you’ve completed your first instalment payment!

Please note: there will be a $15 Set-up Fee applied to your first payment. This is a one-time non-refundable fee.

The other three instalment payments will be due on the first day of the following three months. You will receive an email with a link to a new shop item to make your next payment(s). The final instalment of your 12 Pack will hold all the savings. Please refer to the image above that outlines the instalment payment amounts for your category.

You will receive three PromoCodes via email after each instalment is paid. So you can go out skiing before you’ve finished all of the payments! To redeem the codes, simply paste one when prompted at the end of your booking, click apply and you’re all set!

MagicBus Tours will NOT be keeping any credit cards on file. Customers will be sent a link for each instalment payment prior to the due date. Customers are asked to make the instalment payment in a timely matter and will be contacted again if the payment has not been completed five days after the first of the month.

If you want to pay up quicker, please contact MagicBus via email at and we can forward the instalment payment links at your request.

See our Boarding Pass/PromoCode page for even more details!

*Pre-season Sale only. Limited quantity available. 13th boarding pass will be sent following your purchase.
**Full terms and conditions of PromoCodes/Boarding Passes can be found here.**